Our First Milestone: 100 Live Sites

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Posted on October 27, 2010

By John Nunemaker

A few years back, I joined Steve at Ordered List and almost immediately we began work on Harmony. Today, our 100th site went live and we are stoked.

The first two sites to go live in Harmony were our own, Ordered List and RailsTips, back in January. Almost immediately, we were hit with a ton of traffic due to a post on my lack of talent, but we survived with flying colors.

We then opened the system to our friends, expecting to run into issues and work through them. Much to our surprise, things just worked and no one was really complaining. We created a very simple invitation system, wherein we could invite people slowly and grow Harmony at our own pace.

After a month or so of people using Harmony with no issues, we began to charge for it. Much to our excitement, people started paying. We stayed in invite only mode for a while, until we realized that it was hindering our growth and it was time to release to the world.

On August 3rd, Harmony was officially opened up and we had a great day. Over a thousand people signed up and started kicking the tires. The launch went off without a hitch, once again proving that we had created a stable system.

Today, it was only fitting that one of our oldest and largest (in terms of live sites) customers became our 100th site to go live. Lucid Design, a New Zealand based design firm, is that customer. Below is a screen shot of their redesigned site, powered by Harmony.

Lucid is doing great things with Harmony and continually pushing us for new solutions. We really appreciate how they have jumped in with both feet and are proud to host their site and their customer’s sites. Cheers to the next hundred!

Ha! I just finished writing this post and realized we now have 101 live sites. Wish that were always the case. ;)


  1. Matt Graham Matt Graham

    Congrats gents! You’ve done great work and we’re excited to have been able to watch the process along the way. Looking forward to adding to my Harmony portfolio as time goes on! Great work; the CMS of the future.

  2. Garrett Dimon Garrett Dimon

    Congrats, guys. You’ve created something awesome, and I’m confident this is going to be a tiny little milestone for you someday. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait until we get our act together and get our sites live.

  3. Joe Fiorini Joe Fiorini

    Congrats guys! The CMS looks great! Liquid is simply the best way to do user-generated templates. Heres to 1000 live sites in the near future!

  4. Galen King Galen King

    Great work guys. You’ve done a superb job so far. We’re honoured to be the 100th site live on Harmony. Keep up the great work.