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Posted on July 23, 2010

By Steve Smith

It’s been a long time in the making. And we still have a long ways to go. But we’re ready, and we hope you are too. On August 3rd, we’ll be opening our doors to anyone who wants to use Harmony, and we couldn’t be more excited!

To find out if Harmony is right for you, check out our new Features page and take a look for yourself. Then stop back by on August 3rd to get an account of your very own.

We’ll be posting up some more examples, tutorials, and case studies over the next few weeks, so keep on the lookout for those as well. We can’t wait to see you in Harmony.


  1. SoftMind Technology SoftMind Technology


    Best Wishes for Harmony.

    Looking forward to August 3rd.

    SoftMind Technology

  2. Alex Sharp Alex Sharp

    Congratulations guys. I hope you’re ready to stop consulting, because harmony is going to take off.

  3. John Nunemaker John Nunemaker

    @Alex: Thanks for the kind words!

  4. dgi dgi

    Great! When will be available any demo on-line?

  5. Jon Jon

    I’d like to try before buying

  6. Steve Smith Steve Smith

    @dgi and @Jon: You’ll get to develop your sites for free, so simply create an account and try it out for yourself.

  7. Jon Jon

    Cool! Is that only on/after August 3rd?

  8. Flokass Flokass

    Is there any way for self-hosting? Or a plan cheaper than 30$ per month? Currently I’m using a 10$-Webspace and WordPress :D

  9. John Nunemaker John Nunemaker

    @Flokass: There is no way to self host and there are no plans cheaper than $30/mo. If price is the only determining factor for your web needs, you are probably better on a shared host and Wordpress.

  10. Flokass Flokass

    @John Nunemaker: Thats true. But I think the HarmonyApp-CMS is more Great than WordPress…

    But 30$ per month are to mutch!

  11. Steve Smith Steve Smith

    Jon: Yup, you’ll be able to sign up and test for yourself come Tuesday.

  12. Evan Walsh Evan Walsh

    Well, it’s August 3rd. Where’s my Harmony?

    Just kidding! See you guys in the morning.

  13. modelarstwo modelarstwo

    Great article!

  14. Raf Raf

    Can’t wait to test this out, waiting for you guys to turn the switch

  15. Kate Russell Kate Russell

    Congrats, guys! This is truly impressive!

  16. Brian Dusablon Brian Dusablon

    Awesome. Very excited about this. I can’t wait to try it out. Been waiting a while to see what it became. Best of luck to you!

  17. Raf Raf

    Can’t wait to test this out, waiting for you guys to turn the switch