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Why You’ll Love Harmony

Harmony is a powerful web-based platform for creating and managing websites. It helps connect developers with content editors, for unprecedented flexibility and simplicity.

Intuitive Interface

Harmony is very powerful, but presents that power in an understandable, approachable interface and workflow.

Custom Data

We don’t tell you what data is on your pages. Setup templates with the data you need, and you’ll have a simple way to manage your content.

Flexible Templates

Create the markup that you want. Harmony doesn’t require any special tags or classes to work, you just place your data, however you need.

Single Sign-on

Once you’re logged in, access to editing all your sites is just a click away. No need to sign in to multiple administration areas.

A Hosted Solution

Harmony is hosted and managed by some of the best techs in the world. Never worry about setting up another server or installing a CMS again.

No Setup

Creating a new site takes seconds. There’s no install, and there’s no database to create. Just start building your site, and Harmony does the rest.


Harmony is hosted on rock-solid hardware, backed up nightly, and monitored 24/7. Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure.

Automatic Updates

When new features and updates come along, you’ll have immediate access. No more running installers to upgrade features or security patches.

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HTTP, HTTPS, and Google Chrome warnings

September 08, 2017

Browsers are increasingly treating HTTP sites as insecure, and adding warnings to say as such. What can you do to get these warnings off of your Harmony account?

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February 28 Incident Post-Mortem

March 01, 2017

We recently experienced some full and partial downtime due to an outage of one of our storage services.

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