Multi-File Theme Uploads

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Posted on March 01, 2010

By Steve Smith

Sometimes you’ll start building a site directly in Harmony. In that case, it’s easy to create each file separately, or upload images as you create them. But other times, you already have the html/css/js completed from a mockup, and you just need to turn it into a Harmony theme. Before, this wasn’t that easy. Creating or uploading theme files one-by-one annoyed us, so we decided to fix it.

Now it’s easier than ever to get your existing html, stylesheets, javascripts, images, and more into your Harmony theme. Simply use the new multi-file uploader, and Harmony will take all your files, create and organize them for you automatically.

We hope you find this feature as useful as we do. Even shaving 1-2 minutes off starting a theme is a huge win. We built Harmony to remove frustration without removing flexibility, and this is one more step in that direction.


  1. Brian Ryckbost Brian Ryckbost

    Awesome. Love the auto-organization of the files.

  2. Dan Rubin Dan Rubin

    Love it. Simple, straightforward, and beautiful.

  3. John Nunemaker John Nunemaker

    Thanks guys! We are pretty stoked about it too. Obviously, we use Harmony a lot so pain points like this that are removed are big wins for us too. :)

  4. Andy Stewart Andy Stewart

    Is the uploader widget your own proprietary code or is it open source? Either way you’ve made it look good.

  5. Steve Smith Steve Smith

    @Andy Stewart: It’s using Uploadify, which is stellar. I’ve styled it up, and it’s been a really great tool.

  6. Fred Boyle Fred Boyle

    This feature has definitely made creating a new theme much easier + faster, and it’s pretty too!