October 2010 Archives

Our First Milestone: 100 Live Sites

October 27, 2010 4 Comments

A few years back, I joined Steve at Ordered List and almost immediately we began work on Harmony. Today, our 100th site went live and we are stoked.

Theme Preview Caching

October 16, 2010 0 Comments

As we have mentioned before, everything for Harmony is stored in MongoDB. Yep, everything, including your assets, stylesheets, javascripts, images and theme previews. All of these things, save theme previews, were cached to the file system for faster reads. Tonight, I took a bit of time out of my Friday evening to code up and deploy theme preview caching, which means you may notice that the admin loads with a little more snap.

Custom Image Resizing

October 11, 2010 3 Comments

Harmony now allows you to define custom image sizes that you can use anywhere in your site. Use image resizing for automatically creating thumbnails, ensuring proper image width for column widths in your designs, and more.

Deploy 10/11/2010

October 11, 2010 0 Comments

A few new features, as well as some bug fixes are pushed out in this release. Image resizing and code syntax highlighting is now available for all your sites.