Deploy 5/17/2010

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Posted on May 17, 2010

By John Nunemaker

We put out two new quick features this morning, one of them directly in response to a request from our support forums.

  • Added SCSS stylesheet processor. SCSS is a sister to SASS (see Kickin’ SASS), with the main difference being support for regular CSS syntax, such as braces, colons and semi-colons.
  • Added create a template from another in the same theme. This allows you to easily duplicate a template’s contents and fields.


  1. Kyle Fox Kyle Fox

    This is seriously awesome work guys. Building sites in Harmony was already faster than any other CMS I’ve used … and now it will be even faster! Unbelievable that you implemented template-cloning less than a week after I originally asked about it.

  2. John Nunemaker John Nunemaker

    @Kyle: Once we thought it through the actual development time was only around an hour. As always thanks for the feedback as it inspires us to build features like this. :)

  3. Todd Jones Todd Jones

    Even though I am not part of the private beta, I am really excited about the release of this product. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Seriously. HURRY U :)

    Any time frame for release?

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