Deploy 5/12/2010

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Posted on May 12, 2010

By Steve Smith

It’s been a while since our last feature deploy, but we’ve pushed a few good updates today. Most are behind the scenes, but there are a few new things you’ll notice in the interface and template language.

  • Added finding of blog posts by label to the template language filters
  • You can now use existing assets in File Upload fields in your content by dragging an asset from the files tab in the sidebar
  • Added an image button to the WYSIWYG editor, and no longer forcing relative paths on links
  • Updated verbiage on development mode password page
  • Added ‘Visit Site’ link to the header of the site admin area
  • Upgraded to jQuery UI 1.8.2
  • Upgraded to MongoDB 1.4.2
  • Setup database replication for added data security


  1. Galen King Galen King

    Great work guys. And good timing too as we’re doing a couple sites in Harmony at the moment.

  2. Matt Graham Matt Graham

    Great work as always. Looking forward to diving in even deeper to the Harmonious experience.

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