Deploy 3/1/2010

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Posted on March 01, 2010

By Steve Smith

Some really great features deployed today. These should make creating a new theme in Harmony significantly less painful for image and javascript heavy sites, especially for those already cut up before being added to Harmony.

  • Support for ‘Other Media’ in themes, so now your font files, flash files, etc. have a place in your theme.
  • Multi-file uploads in themes, so upload all your images, media, javascript, css, and even html files at once, and they’ll all be added to the right places in your theme.
  • Support for processors on stylesheets, including LESS and SASS.
  • Access to the Fields and Data objects for an item as arrays, useful for looping through to create tables, for example.

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  1. Elliott Pogue Elliott Pogue

    Awesome stuff guys! I stumbled on the Less and Sass dropdown by accident after refreshing the editor and seeing a little dropdown next to the filename.

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