Harmony and Heartbleed

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Posted on April 15, 2014

By Jason Roelofs

On April 7th, security researchers publicly disclosed a serious security vulnerability now known as Heartbleed. This vulnerability affected a vast majority of the Internet and made it possible for attackers to potentially gain sensitive information from sites protected by SSL.

Unfortunately Harmony was vulnerable to Heartbleed. We immediately took steps to fix this issue, including resetting User sessions and replacing our SSL certificate. Harmony is no longer vulnerable, and through our investigations we have not seen any evidence that any information was stolen. That said, as a precaution we do recommend changing your account password, not only on Harmony but on other sites you visit across the Internet.

We would also like to recommend, if you aren’t already, using one of the many password management tools available today, such as 1Password, Keeper, PasswordBox, LastPass, or KeePass.


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